What do I get my partner, husband or good friend for Christmas or their birthday? This question will most likely not only be asked by many women in the run-up to Christmas or any other special occasion. We are happy to assist you in solving this question and have therefore put together a selection of gift ideas for men. Our tips for good presents:

Show that your gift comes from the heart

Put your mind to it and your gift will never be out of place. Think about what your partner, friend or husband might like and choose the motif that best suits the character or personality of the recipient.

Find an unusual gift

You don't want to give away another book, a Bluray/DVD or a cinema voucher? Is your boyfriend or husband happy about perfume, the next tie or sweater just out of politeness? Then why not give away something unusual, such as a mobile phone case with a stylish artist motif, a high-quality aluminum print with a vintage art print or a cushion with a motif from your friend's favorite film.

Get personal!

Personal gifts are best received! So give your husband or friend an artwork that connects you. Would you like to travel to the States together? Then give away a USA artwork as a canvas. Do you enjoy film and gaming evenings together in the living room at home? Then give away our cool film and gaming artworks. Maybe you also dream of a tour together in the iconic VW Bulli - you will find the right motif for this with us.

Different gift ideas for different types of men

There are many different types of men and each type of man has a special interest. So there are many interests and hobbies that a man can have. Anything is possible, from the nerdy computer freak to the screw-in car enthusiast or the cool hipster to the series and film fan.

The hipster

His shirts are knee-length and his beard is a necessary fashion accessory. Then the geometric figures, cool typography and our abstract motifs are a great gift idea for this man

The car freak

This man works on cars, likes to drive vintage cars or races around the Nordschleife. There are many racing and classic car artworks for this man at artboxONE.

The video game nerd

Mario and Luigi are the great heroes of his childhood and Yoshi was his best friend only as a child. Then the gaming artworks or the Jump'n'Run calendar by Christian Müller are a great gift.

The cool 80s guy

Back to the Future is his personal favorite and the women in the 80's were the best anyway. Then this man will surely like the intimate photographs by David Mecey.

The Movie and Series Freak

This man or boy watches every series and is a total movie buff. The Big Bang Theory or How I met your mother are among his favorite series and he never missed a Star Wars part. Then our film artworks are a very special gift.