Cozy vibes for your living room

The living room is usually the center of an apartment. That is why it is so important to furnish this room comfortably and according to your taste. Small memorabilia, fluffy pillows, a few plants and of course great art on the walls let the room shine in a whole new light!

Urban Jungle

Houseplants have been a big trend for a few years. They simply provide a certain coziness that you wouldn't want to do without in the living room. But unfortunately you don't have a green thumb and no time to take care of it? Then murals with botanical motifs are a great alternative! Beautiful, easy to care for and still alive when you get back from vacation.

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Minimalist Art

Less is more: This is also shown by our minimalist motifs. The soothing vibe of simple art fits perfectly into any living room. Set skilful accents with minimalist illustrations, photographs or typography.

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Colorful designs

Tired of gray seasons and white walls? Then it's time for colorful works of art! Decorate your rooms with murals whose colors directly lift the mood and create positive vibes.

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Black and White Classics

Keep it classy - Our black and white motifs never lose their charm. Furnish your home with timeless photographs, illustrations and typography to create a unique atmosphere.

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Your perfect mural is not there yet? No problem! Just click through our bestsellers and we'll show you what other customers liked.

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Which is the right material for me?

Poster, canvas, Alu-Dibond - with a new mural you are not only spoiled for choice in terms of motif. The right material also needs to be carefully considered for modern wall decoration. In principle, all options are open to you, from classic formats to a touch of the special.

A canvas helps you create a natural look in your living room. The material doesn't look too heavy and especially large cityscapes and floral motifs look fantastic on it. If you want to put a particularly large picture on the wall, a canvas picture is definitely recommended due to its light material. Framed pictures are also a classic option for your living area. But here, too, you can decide with the type of frame what touch you want to give your wall decoration: Do you want it casual and modern with pictures in a stylish metal frame, more traditional and natural in a wooden frame or as unobtrusive as possible in a black plastic frame? You decide!

How do I choose the right mural?

A very good question. You probably know as well as we do: art is an absolute matter of taste and anything that pleases is allowed. And the selection is large: trendy photographs, abstract art, skylines, modern paintings and illustrations - we are clearly talking about being spoiled for choice!

But we wouldn't be an online modern art shop if we couldn't help you. We'll show you some great ways to choose the right mural (or murals) for your home. Ask yourself: what canvas painting can you look at every day without getting tired of it? In other words: What would you like to see every day of your life? In any case, you should pick up on the previous style of your facility. The same applies to dominant colors.

Our tip: Let yourself be inspired by others! For example, from the furnishing ideas and the style of other customers. What you like here, you will certainly like in your own four walls. Visit our online gallery and browse our customers' furnishing ideas for the right mural look for your home!

Which size should I choose?

Of course, that always depends a little on how much space you have on your wall. But in general, an extra large image can work just as well as many small subjects or a carefully selected set of medium-sized images. It is important that you give the pictures enough space to unfold. If space is tight, opt for a smaller eye-catcher rather than trying too much in too little space. The space above the couch is predestined for particularly large motifs, for example as a canvas. How about an impressive view of New York, relaxing photographs from nature or abstract art as an XXL canvas? If you want more than just a good-looking mural in your living space and definitely want to add a personal touch to your decor: read on! We have the perfect idea for you.

Which is the right material for pictures in the living room?

The general rule is: Anything that pleases is allowed! You can conjure up a real eye-catcher with a large canvas picture just as well as with a gallery wall made up of many smaller, framed or unframed pictures. The decision is entirely yours. Our premium posters are a variant of murals that are easy on your wallet. If you want something more, a framed art print might inspire you. We offer you both inexpensive plastic frames and particularly elegant wooden and metal frames. A canvas brings a natural, understated look to any room. If you are looking for wall decoration in a particularly robust format and impressive quality, we warmly recommend our aluminum dibonds and gallery prints.

Any Questions?

We would be happy to advise you on various products, sizes and mural formats, recommend styles and artists and give you detailed information about the material of our murals. You can reach our customer service from Mon - Fri 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. and Sat - Sun 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. on +49 (0) 2236 329 9695 or by email to

Custom murals for each room

Of course, we know that there are many other important rooms in your apartment or house in addition to the living room. But: We are prepared and have suitable ideas ready for these rooms! Discover suitable pictures for your kitchen and bring a touch of art into your everyday life. We'll show you the best ideas, different formats and the most beautiful colors for the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, children's room, etc.!