Inspiration for your home

Trendy colours, perfect combinations and the right wall art for every room: Let us inspire you and discover great design ideas for your home. Whether for the living room or bedroom, for the kitchen or any other room in your home, we have the right trends and artworks for you. Make your apartment a home now!

Gallery Walls: The latest trends


Does your home need a new look? We show you the latest trends and suitable artworks, with which you can stylishly conjure up an impressive gallery wall on your wall. Even better: We not only tell you the hip looks, but also show you which artworks and designs are the right choice. Find the perfect artwork combination for your four walls now.

To the Gallery Walls

Good night: The perfect bedroom

abstrakte kunst2.jpg

Nobody can deny it: we all love our bed. That's why the bedroom should be one of the most beautiful rooms in your home. Create a feel-good atmosphere in which the alarm clock can be turned on for another 5 minutes in a relaxed manner. We already have attractive design ideas ready.

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Your very personal living room

inspiration wohnzimmer.jpg

Meeting friends, relaxing, laughing, eating, chatting, chilling: The living room is the heart of every apartment. When it comes to furnishing and decoration, we hardly dedicate ourselves to a room as much as to it. You haven't found the perfect decoration plan for your living room yet? Then discover with us the latest trends that make every living room the cozy center of your four walls.

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Seasoned with love: ideas for your kitchen


It is a beloved source of food, a meeting place for cozy get-togethers and a hotspot at every party. So she deserves only the best. Beautify your kitchen with casual typographical sayings, recipe ideas and everything that makes cooking, eating and living even more beautiful. We also have the perfect design idea for your kitchen.

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How to design your own gallery wall


Gallery walls are trendy. But from the idea to the perfect implementation, it is sometimes not that easy. In our little "How to" we show you how to plan your gallery wall and put it on the wall. There are few rules (yay!), but some things you should consider beforehand - and some tricks that will make it easier for you.