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artboxONE is an online shop for modern art. In the artboxONE, lovers of modern design and art will find curated, individual artworks in the form of aluminum prints, posters, smartphone cases, cushions and much more. We are the online art studio for exciting and stylish artworks. Always up to date and with fair prices. We are looking for unique talents and introduce our customers to the hottest trend every month. Together with our artists, we are continuously expanding artboxONE.

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We are supported by Diginet GmbH & Co. KG, one of the leading premium photo service providers with 16 years of experience in online trading. Due to the high reach and visibility of the company, your works can be presented to a large and interested audience. We also have the well-known high quality of our products.

YOUR ADVANTAGES - What we offer you:

  1. We print for you.

We print your artworks that you provide us with on all our products in the highest quality. We produce on demand for each customer. Made with love. Made in Germany.

  1. We do your marketing.

We increase your awareness: You get presence everywhere on the site, your own artist area and free advertising with professional campaigns - just for you. As an intermediary between artists and customers, we advertise you and your works on the artboxONE homepage, as well as via third-party providers (Amazon), our blog, on our social media channels, and we also add you to our Pinterest Group board.

  1. We ensure that money comes into your wallet.

We believe in fair prices and conditions and that creativity and ability should be rewarded accordingly. You will receive a commission from the net sales price for each product sold. All formalities such as usage rights and remuneration are recorded in your contract. A monthly statement of your sales always keeps you up to date.

  1. We are simple, transparent and free for you.

You don't have to pay anything for our service. We take care of everything; From printing, shipping and marketing to customer service. You can fully concentrate on your creative work.

  1. What's yours is yours - usage rights

You decide how your work is used. If you conclude a contract with artboxONE, we receive the rights of use to your work that you provide to us, the copyright remains with you. You can terminate your license rights at any time.

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