Become part of the artboxONE family

We are always looking for new artists, exciting designs and exciting photography. Your works could fit into our shop? Outstanding! Apply to us and soon become part of the artboxONE family.

BECOME A PART OF artboxONE: Here's how

What do you have to do?

  1. Send us your application to

  2. Apply with a short CV (write us a few sentences about yourself) and your choice of at least 10 motifs by email.

  3. Name each artwork directly with a title (write it in the file name, example: sun dance.jpg)

  4. We do not need any high-resolution files for the application. However, please make sure that your artworks basically meet our file requirements, otherwise we will not be able to include them in the shop. Please read the information below carefully.


We can only include your designs if they meet our file requirements. Please read them carefully and make sure that your motifs meet these requirements.

File Requirements (PDF)

We will get back to you within 1 week. We look forward to seeing you and your artworks in artboxONE!

Any Questions?

Our art buyer will be happy to help you. Just send him an email to and he will get in touch with you soon.