Basic values and principles - the artboxONE mission statement

We traditionally conduct our business in accordance with national and international laws and generally recognized ethical principles.

With this mission statement, we want to illustrate our corporate culture, which is characterized by integrity, trustworthiness and responsibility.

Mission statement & principles of conduct

Our mission statement

Reach your goal with fairness, trust, sustainability and reliability

artboxONE is one of the leading online stores for the sale of wall art in Germany. Our goal is to defend and expand this leading position. We want to achieve this with consideration for our environment and exclusively through performance, honesty and proper business. Our actions focus on customer orientation, sustainability, the quality of our products, the highest level of innovation and the good reputation of our company. Our reputation is an essential basis for successful competition.

As a company, artboxONE acts responsibly, strategically, sustainably and cost-consciously now and in the future. We attach great importance to impressing with qualified employees and high-quality products. This includes consistently retaining our employees, who also bear responsibility in their private lives.

Everyone makes a fundamental contribution to this. We are committed to a fair working world and the environment; these and our employees are the most important things to us.

Entrepreneurial spirit and understanding of leadership Our corporate culture is characterized by openness, transparency, honesty and respect. Well-informed and motivated employees who identify with the company and its core values are the basis for quality, efficiency, innovation and growth. Our partnership-based understanding of leadership is based on mutual trust, equality, credibility, fairness and fault tolerance as well as the principle of delegating responsibility. At artboxONE, there is a clear will to retain employees. Management, superiors and employees are convinced that a work-life balance is desirable. Our employees have the greatest possible freedom and participate in decision-making processes as well as in the economic success of the company within the scope of their responsibilities. The company is managed by executives who think and act like entrepreneurs. They enjoy extensive independence and bear comprehensive responsibility. In line with this, we expect our employees to identify with our goals and be loyal to the interests of the company.

Business partners and competition We are committed to fair competition and focus on innovative quality and performance. We reject unlawful agreements or sham offers. It follows that we do not want to obtain orders either by granting or offering unjustified advantages. The relationship with our business partners is characterized by trust and fairness and is based on honesty and reliability. We are reliable partners and expect the applicable laws and regulations to be observed in all aspects of business. We therefore do not accept any behavior that calls our integrity into question or jeopardizes it.

Corporate and social responsibility Our shareholders also see ownership as an obligation to society. They see the company as legitimized in the market economy by the fact that it makes a contribution to society. Our company and its employees respect the law. They always behave responsibly both internally and externally and are guided by ethical principles. These are, in particular, honesty, integrity, loyalty, fairness, tolerance and openness. We are particularly committed to protecting our employees and the environment and do justice to this through sustainability. This also includes the company's social responsibility and compliance with the highest ethical standards. This is also evident in our strict rejection of products made using child labor. Commitment Our business principles are subject to a constant process of critical review and further development. We expect all employees to align themselves with these goals and basic values and to act accordingly at all times. Managers have an outstanding responsibility and a special role model function.

Our principles of conduct

Transparent and responsible management This Code of Conduct is a binding guideline for all employees of the company. The Code of Conduct is based on our ethical values and the business principles based on them, which are characterized by integrity and loyalty. As honest entrepreneurs, we are committed to the highest ethical standards. We have a great responsibility towards our customers. Our customers as well as our business partners can trust us. In particular, this means that we always comply with the law, compete fairly, respect the environment and are reliable partners. We are convinced that this is the only way to ensure long-term competitiveness and thus employment and economic success.

The Code of Conduct cannot and will not regulate everything. It contains principles and minimum standards that are equally binding for all employees and must be practiced. We also want to encourage everyone who works with us to adopt these principles as their own.

The Code of Conduct serves to implement our principles of conduct:

  • Integrity and lawful conduct guide our actions.

  • Our actions are characterized by securing and expanding artboxONE's leading position as one of the leading online stores for the sale of wall art in Germany.

  • We operate sustainably and respect our environment.

  • Our business relationships are objective and free of unfair methods.

  • We avoid conflicts between the interests of artboxONE and private interests.

  • We treat business information or trade secrets confidentially.

We do not tolerate any abuse of our own position, in particular not for personal advantage, for the benefit of third parties or to the detriment of artboxONE.

1. principles in dealing with employees, customers and business partners artboxONE expects all employees, customers and business partners to be treated fairly and their rights and privacy to be respected. Different treatment on the basis of gender, ethnicity, disability, origin, religion, age or sexual identity is not permitted.

The company does not tolerate sexual harassment. Nor do we tolerate so-called bullying. This includes, in particular, slandering an employee or their family, spreading rumors, threats, humiliation, insults, harassment, defamatory or unworthy treatment by superiors or colleagues and deliberate withholding of information necessary for work. Those affected have the right to be heard and taken seriously by contact persons such as superiors, the Cultural Council or the HR department.

2. avoidance of conflicts of interest 2.1 Principles Private and business interests must be kept strictly separate. Business connections or contacts must not be used for personal or third-party benefit or lead to a disadvantage for the company. In the event of the possibility or risk of conflicts of interest, employees must contact their line manager in case of doubt. They must seek advice and assistance from them or the HR department. Any employee can also contact the Cultural Council or the ombudsman in this regard. In order to avoid conflicts of interest between the company and the private sphere, company employees should generally refrain from engaging artboxONE business partners for private purposes. Should it subsequently become apparent that a business partner of artboxONE has been commissioned for private purposes, this must be reported immediately to the Compliance Officer.

2.2 Conflicts of interest due to secondary employment Employees of artboxONE are obliged to have the exercise of any secondary employment approved by the HR department/management. artboxONE will refuse or revoke approval for the exercise of secondary employment if there are indications that the secondary employment will impair the fulfillment of contractual duties and/or violate legal or labor law obligations.

In order to rule out conflicts of interest, secondary employment for a competitor or another business partner is generally not permitted.

2.3 Conflicts of interest due to shareholdings Significant shareholdings in other companies in the direct business environment (this includes in particular competitors, customers and suppliers) are only permitted with the express written approval of the management of artboxONE.

Significant financial interests of close family members in a competitor, customer or supplier must be disclosed.

3. handling of benefits received Manufacturers and suppliers are to be selected solely on the basis of fair competition and taking into account the criteria of price, quality and suitability of their performance. This applies equally to other business partners and service providers. Employees of artboxONE are prohibited from demanding, being promised or accepting benefits from third parties with whom artboxONE seeks or maintains a business relationship.

3.1 Gifts or other benefits Other benefits are, for example, financial incentives, the provision of items for use free of charge or at a reduced price, discounts, invitations to vacation trips or free tickets to special events. Gifts are generally to be refused by artboxONE employees. If this is not possible for reasons of courtesy, these gifts must be handed over immediately to the line manager, Human Resources or Office Management. They will be used for donations in kind to charitable organizations or auctions among employees or for other company purposes. The offer of other donations must be reported to the responsible line manager and documented. Deviations from this rule may be approved by the management in exceptional cases.

The acceptance of cash is prohibited without exception.

Private trips associated with business trips or business trips may not be made at the expense of business partners or third parties. Such travel expenses must be settled in accordance with the applicable travel expense regulations without exception.

3.2 Business meals and invitations Business meals which, in terms of occasion, type, frequency and scope, constitute customary business hospitality, i.e. which serve legitimate business purposes, are permissible if the invitation is made voluntarily and within an appropriate framework of normal cooperation. However, any impression of improper influence on business decisions should be avoided. The necessary sensitivity in this respect is expected of all employees. Invitations by business partners or service providers to other events (e.g. sporting and cultural events, in-house exhibitions, product information events, seminars, training courses, etc.) are only permitted if they are appropriate in terms of their nature and scope and, from an objective point of view, are customary in the business. However, they require the approval of the line manager in each individual case and in advance. In principle, artboxONE must bear the travel and accommodation costs incurred. Members of the management may accept and issue invitations to events, including appropriate hospitality, if the organization is business-related and serves the interests of artboxONE.

4. benefits to business partners No financial or other benefits may be granted to business partners that could impair the business judgment of the recipient or lead to a conflict of interest.

4.1 Gifts or other benefits to third parties Other (in particular financial) benefits to business partners may not be offered, promised or granted. Gifts may be given in the usual context of a business relationship and to an appropriate material extent. They must not be perceived by the recipient as an advantage that could influence their business decisions in the sense of favoring the giver. Gifts may not exceed a value of € 50.00 per person per calendar year. Deviations from this rule must be approved in advance by the management and reported to the Compliance Officer.

4.2 Hospitality Business meals that are customary business hospitality in terms of occasion, type, frequency and scope, i.e. that serve legitimate business purposes, are permitted.

4.3 Conduct towards authorities and public officials Holders of political office and representatives of authorities or public institutions (public officials) are obliged to act in the public interest. Therefore, only appropriate and occasion-related gifts that comply with recognized rules of social courtesy and do not affect respect for the office or the political task (e.g. a bouquet of flowers or bottle of wine on a birthday, on a service anniversary, on the occasion of leaving office).

5. donations/sponsoring artboxONE participates in social and community life with donations for charitable, social, cultural, sporting and scientific purposes to the extent customary in the business. The company makes neither direct nor indirect donations to political parties or party-affiliated foundations.

6. Combating white-collar crime and corruption** artboxONE is opposed to all forms of corruption and related offenses. Corruption is strictly rejected and not tolerated by our company. Corruption is colloquially understood as the abuse of entrusted power for personal gain. In criminal law, this includes the offenses of bribery, corruptibility, acceptance of benefits and granting of benefits (Sections 331 - 335 of the German Criminal Code). Bribery and corruptibility in business dealings are also criminal offenses punishable by a fine or imprisonment of up to three years, in serious cases up to five years (Sections 299, 300 of the Criminal Code). artboxONE fights corruption preventively through appropriate organizational measures and personnel regulations. In addition, the company does everything in its power to uncover corruption and related criminal acts and to prosecute them without regard to the individual. Employees who are exposed to an attempt at bribery must report this immediately to their line manager and/or the Compliance Officer. Employees who suspect corruption or other criminal acts or serious irregularities should report this suspicion. In addition to their immediate superiors, the Compliance Officer and the anti-corruption ombudsman appointed by the company are the points of contact. The ombudsman receives reports of possible corruption, which he treats as strictly confidential due to his duty of confidentiality as an attorney. He will only pass on the facts of the case to the Compliance Officer if the whistleblower expressly agrees to this. The identity of the whistleblower will not be disclosed if the whistleblower does not wish this.

7. appearance in public Involvement in a public or charitable institution, in associations or in public functions at local or supra-regional level as well as the exercise of honorary offices are generally welcomed by the company, provided that such involvement or honorary office does not jeopardize the fulfilment of contractual obligations and is compatible with the position in the company. The assumption of such commitments must be agreed with the line manager or the HR department.

Company-relevant statements made by managers to the public in interviews, lectures or publications must be consistent with the interests and objectives of the company in terms of their timing, scope and content. They must therefore always be coordinated with the management and, in the case of media contacts, also with the person responsible for PR.

8. protection of company property and data, confidentiality obligations Every artboxONE employee is obliged to handle company property responsibly and to protect it from loss, damage or misuse. In addition to items provided for use such as PCs, machines, etc., this also includes intangible assets such as relevant data, trade secrets, patents and brands. Company equipment or objects may not be used for private purposes or removed from the company premises without the express consent of the line manager. Details for laptops, telephones, etc. are governed by separate work instructions for IT use. Employees must maintain absolute confidentiality regarding all company and business secrets, both during the term of their employment and after its termination.

9. insider rules As long as persons have insider information relating to artboxONE, they may not trade in listed securities of the company. Insider information is any information that is not publicly known and is likely to influence an investor's decision to buy, sell or hold a security (Sections 13, 14 WpHG).

The CEWE Group maintains a list of insiders in which all persons with potential insider knowledge are listed. Insider information may not be passed on to persons outside artboxONE without authorization (e.g. to journalists, financial analysts, customers, consultants, family members or friends). It must always be ensured that insider-relevant knowledge is kept under lock and key or secured in such a way that unauthorized persons cannot gain access to it.

10. acting in accordance with the Code of Conduct

10.1 Compliance with the Code of Conduct and consequences of violations Each individual employee is responsible for complying with the provisions of this Code of Conduct in their daily work. Managers have a special obligation to set a good example in complying with the principles and to be a role model for acting with integrity and loyalty through their own behavior. In particular, they must ensure that this Code of Conduct is implemented and brought to life in day-to-day business.

Anyone who violates this Code of Conduct must expect sanctions under employment law, up to and including termination/dismissal, regardless of the person involved. If the company is harmed by violations, it will assert claims for damages/recourse against the person or persons responsible within the scope of the legal possibilities. Criminal charges will always be filed if criminal offenses are suspected.

10.2 Contact for questions regarding the Code of Conduct If you have any questions about the Code of Conduct or are unsure about the correct behavior, you should speak to your direct line manager or the next higher manager. If this is not possible or not desired, the employees of the HR department, the Compliance Officer and the members of the Cultural Council are available to help. In addition, any employee can also contact our ombudsman without incurring any costs.

Final provisions Insofar as the employment contract or special guidelines for certain persons contain further provisions, these remain valid. The provisions of the respective employment contracts shall continue to apply. Relevant company regulations must be complied with.

This Code of Conduct is to be further developed and, if necessary, improved on the basis of experience. It is therefore to be reviewed on an ongoing basis and revised in due course.

Here, confidential information about irregularities in business transactions can be provided artboxONE is committed to the Governance Code and the resulting compliance principles. The success of our company lies in the fact that we offer innovative products and services at competitive conditions and deal fairly with customers and business partners. Illegal practices are not compatible with our core values and business principles.

We have therefore developed a code of conduct as part of our compliance system to prevent white-collar crime. Compliance with such rules is intended to protect the company from misconduct that could subsequently lead to damage and loss of reputation.

In this context, we have appointed an external ombudsman to whom employees, business partners and third parties can turn if they wish to confidentially report suspected cases of corruption, fraud, breach of trust or other serious irregularities.



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