Sustainability at artboxONE

Investments in the future and environmental protection are declared goals of our corporate culture. By offsetting with certified climate protection projects, a GoGreen shipping and the FSC certification of artboxONE products, we make our contribution to a careful use of natural resources.



From production to shipping

At artboxONE, we are constantly working to avoid and reduce CO2 emissions. Since July 2020, we have been offsetting CO2 emissions that have not yet been avoided with certified climate protection projects.

We work with ClimatePartner to offset emissions from production and office operations. In doing so, we support a wind energy project in Nong Wang, Thailand.

On our ClimatePartner page you can find more information about our CO2 reduction targets and measures.


FSC® certified artboxONE products

We have been FSC® certified since 2019. With the use of certified, sustainable materials and products, we clearly show that we care about the environment and sustainability.

Our FSC® certified artboxONE products:



GoGreen shipping

As part of the GoGreen environmental protection program, the CO2 emissions caused by transport are determined using a certified method and offset by climate protection projects. The GoGreen initiative primarily aims to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions.


Basic values and principles - the mission statement of artboxONE

We traditionally conduct our business in accordance with national and international laws and generally recognized ethical principles.

With this mission statement, we want to illustrate our corporate culture, which is characterized by integrity, trustworthiness and responsibility.

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