Your favorite city for home

Are you passionate about traveling and would you like to see the whole world? Or do you just love your hometown? Then our city motifs are just right for you! Design your home with breathtaking city photographs, cartographies, skylines and typographies and bring your favorite places into your four walls.


Have you fallen in love with one city or with many? Then our city photographs are just right for you. So you can use all your time to explore and enjoy while traveling and don't have to worry about the perfect photos. Our professional photographers know exactly the right spots to put your favorite cities in the limelight.

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Cartographies are really great style elements. Just like the skylines, they also have an individual and special meaning. Reminisce when you look at the map or create an entire gallery wall with maps, photographs and matching sayings about your favorite places.

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Skylines not only look great, they are also a decoration with meaning. Hang the skyline of your favorite city or a place special to you on your wall. Whether as a watercolor painting, photography or illustration - we are sure to have the right skyline for you!

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New York

"These streets will make you feel brand new!" Anyone who has ever been to New York knows that the city is not easy to let go of. So it's understandable that you want a piece of the Big Apple in your home. How about a breathtaking photo or great typography, for example?

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You don't necessarily have to understand Kölsch to love Cologne. In addition to the cathedral, carnival and obscure urban planning, Cologne is also known for its open people. With the Cologne Basic Law you bring the relaxed, Cologne style to your home. Whether you live in Cologne or love the cathedral city from afar.

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Whether it's the city of love or the city of light, Paris is an extraordinary place. Breathtaking architecture, art and culture and a very special kind of joie de vivre come together there. No wonder Paris is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Have you also fallen under the magic of this city?

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You can find Berlin posters and memorabilia right here. The German capital, with its multifaceted architecture, its historical locations and diverse lifestyles, is the subject of an entire artboxONE motif series. Young Berlin artists such as Andy Michels, Beata Sisak and Kai Kniepkamp have explored their city with cameras and sketchpads and staged them with virtuosity. The sleepy life on the Spree and Havel, the exciting hustle and bustle on Alexanderplatz as well as impressions from Kreuzberg, Spandau and Prenzlauer Berg - the Berlin art prints capture the city as it is: lively, difficult to classify and always good for a surprise.

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Other cities

Your favorite city wasn't there? Then this way! Here you will find photographs, skylines, maps and beautiful illustrations of each city.

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