You too can give the success of your art a real boost in the artboxONE shop. Here are a few tips to get your artworks out there.

Social Media: Design good things and talk about them

No false modesty: you've got what it takes and you're allowed to let others know that too. And everyone knows: Sharing is caring.

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: Use your channels. Let your friends and followers know that you are a member of the artboxONE family. Don't forget to link to your artist profile or directly to your artworks.
  • Have you uploaded new artworks? You can also share this with your fans and followers.
  • We mentioned your work in one of our blog articles or published an interview with you? This is also a good opportunity to put your art in the spotlight on your social media channels.
  • Post your art on suitable occasions: Do you have nice artworks ready for summer, Easter, Christmas or Hanukkah? Then share it with your fans. Whenever your art might be the right choice for an occasion, let your community know. Especially gift suggestions are always welcome.

Tagging: Help our customers find your work

Without the right tagging, your works are lost in the shop. Because this topic is so essential, we have created a separate section where you can find all the important information about tagging.

Become a local hero

Why wander far when the good is so close? You should make your works known not only on your social media channels, but also in your immediate environment.

So why not exhibit your work at the café next door, your favorite pub, gallery or greengrocer's next door? Many of our artists have already taken the opportunity to show their art in various locations. Stefan Liebermann showed his works in the student canteen. Olga Johannes was allowed to show her work in Cologne's Galerie-ArtCafé.

If such an opportunity presents itself to you, we will of course be happy to support you. Contact our art buyer at and we can decide together what can be implemented.

Endless choice

The more choice, the better: try to make your work available on as many product types as possible to give our customers a wide choice. If you have difficulties with the required formats: Here you will find all important information about the file requirements.


We always try to offer art and designs at the center of the times. Our art buyer always follows the current trends and tries to track down suitable motifs and artists. We'll always let you know what's particularly popular with us. Maybe you have a particularly cool design idea for one of the current trend topics and would like to implement it:

  • Crazy Animals / Crazy Stuff
  • Abstract Geometry
  • Marble
  • Black-and-white
  • Beach Sea
  • Lost Spaces
  • Animal pattern
  • Line art
  • Rose Gold
  • Classic Blue
  • Natural Leaves

Artworks on the following topics are always in demand:

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Date of birth
  • Love/Friendship
  • Summer
  • Music/Festivals
  • Motivating
  • Trip

keep in touch

If you want to stay up to date on trends and also want to meet artists from all over the world, join our Facebook artist group. You can also use this as a forum for queries. We look forward to you!



Our art buyer will be happy to help you. Just send him an email to and he will get in touch with you soon.