Is my artwork suitable for the artboxONE?

Countless new designs are uploaded to our shop every day. While most end up on sale, there are always artworks that our art buyers (have to) reject. That does not always mean that these artworks are not good, but much more that they do not fit into our shop for various reasons. We will show you how you can check before uploading your artworks whether they fit into our portfolio and therefore have a good chance of being approved for sale by us. If we've rejected designs from you, this overview will also help you understand why this might be the case.

How are designs approved?

Before you upload a design to our shop, you can go through the following points. This is how you check whether your artwork is suitable for the artboxONE shop.

Hard Criteria

Is my artwork

  • sharp enough?
  • bright enough?
  • good to see? (especially font that is too small for typographic artworks)
  • not circumcised?
  • border-free? Borders or frames around the design often ensure that we cannot offer these artworks with a frame or as a canvas.
  • in the case of optical gold luster: does the effect still look good on large products?
  • Is the resolution sufficient?

Further criteria

my artwork

  • has a certain quality and creativity?
  • is consistent with the style of artboxONE? If necessary, take a look at some of the pages in our shop to get an impression of what we have to offer

What basically does not end up in the shop:

  • Artworks with the artist's logo
  • Quotations from people who have not been dead for at least 70 years (this is due to licensing reasons)
  • too “special” designs. We love crazy stuff. But remember that your design should hang on someone's wall at home ;-)
  • License-critical designs are rejected, e.g.: Star Wars, Disney, Lego, Nintendo; Cristiano Ronaldo, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Jerome Boateng; Borussia M'Gladbach logo, Neuschwanstein, etc. If you have an official license to use these brands and can also prove this, this notice is of course invalid.
  • What's trending right now? What sells well?

Your designs definitely have a great advantage if they fit into one of the current trends. Here is an overview of the things we are currently looking for:

  • Marble
  • Black-and-white
  • Beach Sea
  • Boho chic
  • African designs and patterns
  • Arabic designs and patterns
  • Maritime
  • meaningful and inspirational typography
  • Drone photographs
  • Sets of several related designs

But artworks on the following topics are always in demand:

  • Floral artworks
  • Animal artworks
  • Line art
  • Abstract Geometry
  • Moving/moving in
  • Love/Marriage
  • Summer
  • Children/school enrollment
  • Friendship

Our tip: Join our Facebook group

If we are looking for designs on specific topics, we will also inform you about this in our Facebook artist group. You can also use this as a forum for queries. We look forward to you!

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Any Questions ?

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