3 steps to your perfect gallery wall

We'll show you how to turn your picture wall into the highlight in your home. All you need is the perfect constellation of different sizes of your favorite motifs. Get inspired!


Step 1: The perfect mural constellation

Before you look for artworks for your gallery wall, you should know which materials you want to use. From canvas to framed posters, we assure you that the perfect gallery wall can be created with virtually any material. If you are unsure which sizes and materials can be perfectly combined, we have some suggestions for you! It doesn't matter whether they are arranged one on top of the other or wildly mixed up, here you will find suggestions with a guarantee of success.


Step 2: Search for an artwork

You have already thought about an arrangement for your picture wall? All that you need now are the perfect motifs. Do you like minimalistic art or would you like to bring the perfect travel feeling on your walls? You have the idea, we have the artworks.

If you still lack the necessary inspiration, you can also use the purchases of other customers as a guide.

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Step 3: Attachment

Yay, your pictures are here! However, before you jump right in and grab the drill, make sure your constellation mural is attached at the correct height. Of course there are no limits to your creativity when it comes to mounting, but your frames should hang approx. 15 cm above your bed or couch in order to be shown to their best advantage. A rule of thumb is that the center of your gallery wall should be about 5 feet high.

Inspiration needed?

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